Making reflectometry data analysis and modelling easy

An intuitive and user-friendly application which integrates multiple popular reflectometry data analysis libraries such as refnx and refl1d. Allowing for the simulation of reflectometry profiles based on layered structures and refinement against experimental data.

Version 0.0.9-beta (13 Mar 2024)

You can also build it from source.


Free and open-source

Anyone is free to use EasyReflectometry and the source code is openly shared on GitHub.


EasyReflectometry works across operating systems: macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Easy to use

Intuitive tabbed interface with a clear workflow, built-in step-by-step user guides and video tutorials help speed up data modelling and analysis.

Everything is included

EasyReflectometry is distributed as an all-in-one package that includes all the dependencies and can be installed with only a few clicks.


EasyReflectometry integrates existing reflectometry packages, such as refnx and refl1d, to cover different functionality.

Live update of calculations

You can modify any parameter manually or with a sidebar slider, and the simulated model curve is automatically recalculated in real time.



The EasyReflectometry library documentation covers everything related to using EasyReflectometry as a python library.

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For general questions or comments, please contact us at, or fill out the form.

Issues and new features

For bug reports and feature requests, please use GitHub Issue Tracker instead (free registration required).

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